Key Principles

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I support President Trump unapologetically defending America's sovereignty, borders, and our communities, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

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Pro-2nd Amendment

Without the 2nd Amendment there is no freedom. It is the guarantor of our natural God-given rights. 

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Build The Wall And Secure Our Border

 Enforce all immigration laws without favoritism and restore our national sovereignty and the rule of law.

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Anti-Common Core

Another attempt by politicians to pretend their doing something about the failing indoctrination centers we call schools—which fail to prepare today’s students in an ever-changing world.

Tim Donnelly, Patriot Not Politician

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman—serving 2 terms and was a candidate for California Governor in 2014—winning almost 650K votes. Tim was born the third oldest of 14 children, moving to California in 1985 with only $300 in his pocket, where he quickly improved his fortunes, graduating from UC Irvine in 1989.  Less than 10 years later, he’d met and married Rowena, started a family and a business at the same time–supplying solutions to the plastics manufacturing sector.

In 2006, Tim became a Minuteman leader, and is now considered one the foremost authorities on illegal immigration in the country.

In 2010, Tim introduced a law similar to Arizona’s SB1070 law in California, ending sanctuary cities, increasing penalties for human trafficking of minors, requiring all employers to use e-verify, and requiring the enforcement of all immigration laws by state and local governments.

In 2013, he led the charge to get Child Protective Services (CPS) audited. That same year, Tim’s bill AB351, the California Liberty Preservation Act of 2013, which nullifies the NDAA in California, was signed into law.

Tim has been a staunch defender of our Civil Liberties, and there is no stronger advocate of the 2nd Amendment in California. Tim Donnelly - proud patriot, husband, father, author, and U.S. citizen.